Yeager String Studio Locations

Yeager String Studio lessons are available in Orland Park at Carl Sandburg High School and Peace Memorial Church, as well as in West Lafayette. Find your location below for more information.

Sandburg High School

Private lessons are offered during school hours for students in the Sandburg Orchestras. After school Group Classes are also held at CSHS.

Peace Memorial Church

Private lessons and group classes are offered during after-school hours for students of all ages on the beautiful campus of Peace Memorial Church (131st Street and 104th Avenue, Palos Park).

West Lafayette

Private lessons and group classes are offered for all ages and abilities for students in the Greater Lafayette area in Ms. Yeager’s studio very near the main entrance to Happy Hollow Park.

News and Events

Congratulations to the musicians of the 2019 Summer Ensembles! They gave a beautiful performance of music from around the world in August at Peace Memorial Church. Bravo, musicians!