Timeless String Playing

One of the most exciting things about being a string player right now is the seemingly endless array of possibilities for playing and creating!  We live in a world where you can simultaneously be in awe and want to play and create music inspired by hip-hop, or world music, or you can go all the way back to the Baroque era and love the excitement and passion of that musical world.  You are no longer “just” a pop musician, or “just” a classical musician–you are a musician with a unique artistic voice made from your personal worldview and personally curated artistic influences from many styles and genres.  The flip side of that is that you have to be excellent to stand out in a crowded musical landscape that grows ever more sophisticated in its offerings and quality.

As a teacher and a performer, I love the challenge of bringing myself and my students up to a high level of technique in order to have the clarity to present a unique artistic voice.  In its most simple building blocks, music is made up of rhythm, pitch, timbre (the sound) and the layering of these elements (orchestration in classical music.) Taking a piece of music from any style and analyzing these elements is an amazing process of discovering that music has the same roots no matter its style or place in history, AND that music invites interesting perspectives on history by noticing from where different interpretations of these elements arose.

Check out this performance and see if you can analyze the building blocks of music, then see if you can find a unique viewpoint these artists are bringing to their performance.  Bonus points if you can name some of the musical references they are making!  Leave your comments and let’s see if we can name them all…

I have been having a blast planning our music for Boot Camp!  We will be rehearsing music from many different genres, and I have had particular fun planning a beatboxing unit to grow our rhythmic musicianship.  I know we will have a lot of fun while growing as musicians.

Register for Boot Camp before July 10 to use the Bring a Friend Discount.  You and a friend can save $25 each by using Promo Code FRIEND  in the Comments box with the name of your friend you are registering with.

Check out the Schedule for Boot Camp and share it with all your orchestra friends.  Let’s have a fantastic camp this year!

Ms. Bonnie





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