August Resolutions

It feels like summer just flew by!  It is indeed August and the school-year is ramping up.  This is such an exciting time for me every year as I look forward to the start of the orchestra season, dream about new projects I will work on and new repertoire to be learned and performed, and, most importantly, the new and returning students I will work with and the amazing progress they will make during the school year.

I know January is the traditional time to make resolutions, but I prefer to make my teaching resolutions in August before lessons start up again in September, so here they are for the 2017-2018 school year.

  1.  I resolve to bring new and exciting ways to work on things to my students this year, with new repertoire and new practice routines to continue to work on technique and musicality.
  2. I resolve to continue to find as many moments to take joy in making music with my students as possible!
  3. I resolve to keep at my core the values of discipline, thoughtfulness, and clarity both in the ways that I teach and the expectations I have for my students.


I will be returning to some of my familiar programs and starting to teach in a few new places this school year–and I am excited to get it all going!  I am also very excited about some new initiatives and collaborations with community partners.  Stay tuned as I get ready to announce some really cool performances my students will be putting on this year as well as some recording projects I am currently working on.

Making music–whether as a professional like me or as an amateur–is a truly joyful way to grow as a person.  The start of the school year is a great reminder to us all that it is both a privilege and a right for us all to embrace creativity and passion in our music-making, and to test out the limits of our abilities.  Let’s go 17-18–best year yet, I hope!

Add a comment below if you have  a resolution you would like me to consider adding to my list or if you have an inspiring goal for yourself this year.

Sandburg lesson registration is now open, and registration for other lessons will soon be open.  Sign up now Sandburg students for a great year of lessons!


Ms. Bonnie




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