Blend Virtual String Ensemble

Blend Virtual String Ensemble is your chance to join other string players from around the world to create a virtual ensemble performance! Using a simple at-home recording process, you can add your part to our virtual ensemble. I hope this process gives you great musical satisfaction, as well as helps you to continue practicing and making music from home!

How does it work?

Each month, new sheet music and video references will be posted on this page for that month’s virtual ensemble! Download the sheet music, and use the video references to help you practice and learn your part. Record yourself playing your part by using the record-along reference video and two devices–one to listen to and one to record yourself. Upload your video so it can be combined with the rest of the ensemble, and wait for our ensemble performance video to hit YouTube. Watch and share with all your friends, and feel like a chamber music rockstar!

  • Download Sheet Music

Part A

Violin, Viola or Cello

Part B

Violin or Viola

Part C

Violin, Cello, or Bass

  • Upload Your Video
  1. PRACTICE your part. When you have learned your part well enough to play in sync with the record-along video, you are ready for Step 2.

2. RECORD your video. Use 2 devices (phone, tablet, laptop, computer).

Device 1 is your playback device: you will play the record-along track on this device so you can play in sync. Use earbuds or headphones so the record-along track is not audible in your video.

Device 2 is your recording device: you will use this device to record the video of you playing. Be mindful of lighting so you and your instrument are clearly visible.

3. UPLOAD your video. Using the Google Form linked below, upload your video. Video submissions must be uploaded using the Google Form by October 25 to be included in the virtual ensemble performance. Note: The deadline has been extended to November 8 to give extra recording time to players who are learning how to manage the recording process.

Submit your video by clicking here to go to the Google Form.

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