Sandburg Lessons

Violin and Viola lessons are offered during the school day at Sandburg during students’ orchestra period, lunch period, or free period.

Symphony Orchestra students will take 50 minute lessons.  Students from all other orchestras may choose 25 minute or 50 minute lessons.

Monthly Tuition includes 3 private lessons and 1 group class per month with additional performance opportunities through the year.

Tuition is due by check or online payment by the first lesson of every month.  A monthly invoice will be sent by email.  Tuition costs are $100 for 25 minute lessons and $175 for 50 minute lessons.

While it is expected that students will make every effort to be at each lesson, particularly with the convenience of lessons during school, high school can sometimes throw scheduling changes at us.  For a lesson cancelled by the instructor, another full lesson will be offered on another day as soon as possible.  If student must cancel a lesson, instructor may offer a make-up lesson on scheduled make-up lesson days if fair notice by text, email, or phone has been given by student.

Materials used in lessons will include studio technique books provided by teacher and solo music.  Occasionally, students will be asked to purchase their own solo music when copies cannot be provided because it is not music in the public domain.  Instructor will email the specific publisher information and several sources from where music can be purchased.